Used Appliance Recycling and Disposal Services

Are you a new appliance dealer, a large retail box store or just a home owner looking for a place to get rid of your used appliances? The Appliance Care Company, LLC is there for you! We can handle one appliance at a time or dozens.

The Appliance Care Company, LLC utilizes EPA approve recycling procedures for the disposal of all used appliances and is an EPA certified.

recycle-appliancesAppliance Recycling Standards

The Appliance Care Company, LLC staff is fully trained and up to date on all of the latest appliance recycling standards. We only employee factory trained technicians. Our staff participates in ongoing recycling training in conjunction with the roll-out of new appliance types and waste materials.



secure-recyclingConfidential. Secure. Trusted.

The Appliance Care Company, LLC keeps all vendor and client information associated with the recycling process confidential and stored in a secured file format. Vendor and client information is never sold to third party interests.


Arrange for us to come to your facility to remove your used appliances, call us today at 913-327-1515 or 816-331-1515.