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Friday, Apr. 13th 2018

A Difference of a Lifetime

Whether you drive a fully loaded, new car or one that has seen better days, we all know the importance of regularly servicing your vehicle. Oil changes, tire rotations, checking your fluids—we’ve been taught the importance of performing preventative maintenance to make our cars last longer.

Just as it’s important to maintain your vehicle, it’s important to maintain your appliances—especially dryers and refrigerators. When it comes to appliances, it isn’t so much the age of the machine as how it was treated or used. Appliances can be 15 or 20 years old and look brand new. Appliances two or three years old can be poorly maintained and be in awful shape.

Many people don’t think about—or know—the importance of maintaining appliances, especially dryers and refrigerators. But regular maintenance pays off big time; your appliance’s life could be doubled or even tripled.

Have you ever walked by your refrigerator and noticed it’s running a lot? Typically, your fridge’s condenser coils are clogged and the refrigerator is taking forever to cool down. This causes you to use more electricity (which increases your utility bill) and your refrigerator’s compressor to run two, three or four times harder than it should. You’re reducing the refrigerator’s life expectancy because it’s running longer and harder.

When you service and clean your refrigerator, your energy bills go down and the compressor does not run as long because it’s able to achieve the maximum and optimum temperature quicker. Cleaning your condenser coils and performing other routine maintenance—like changing your filter—dramatically increases the life of your fridge.

If you don’t know how to clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils, or don’t have the time, schedule an appointment with The Appliance Care Company. Or if you need other appliances serviced– your dryer duct cleaned–call The Appliance Care Company at 816-331-1515. We’ll make sure your appliances are functioning correctly.

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