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Tuesday, Feb. 6th 2018

A Select Group

In Kansas City, there are only two men certified as Master Appliance Technicians who are diagnosing and repairing appliances. They both work for The Appliance Care Company.

At first glance, it may not seem noteworthy for your tech to be a certified Master Technician, factory trained or holder of different certifications. After all, aren’t all techs the same, regardless of their certifications?

The simple answer is…No!

There’s a world of difference between technicians who take the initiative to earn certifications and improve their craft and those who know just enough to do adequate work and don’t take the time to increase their expertise and skill.

To earn the Master Technician title, technicians from The Appliance Care Company passed eight comprehensive examinations that measured skills in diagnostic techniques and repair ability for all types of major domestic and foreign appliances, as well as customer relations skills. There were no study materials; our technicians prepared and sat for the four-hour long examination with nothing more than knowledge they’ve learned in their careers.

If you consider the amount of innovation in the appliance industry, you’ll start to understand the importance of continuing education and understand why certifications matter.

Appliances change. A lot.

Washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, wall ovens, double wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, garbage disposals, microwaves, vent hoods and freezers change from year to year as manufacturers update and redesign their products.

Each appliance has a few variations: Side by side, French door and freezer on top/bottom refrigerators; upright or chest freezers; gas or electric dryers; front or top load washers; gas or electric stoves; free standing, slide in or drop in stoves; single or double wall ovens; gas or electric cooktops to name a few.

Add up the annual changes and technicians need to remember an enormous amount of information when repairing appliances ranging in age from a few months to decades.

That’s why The Appliance Care Company demands all techs take continuing education. Diagnosing and repairing today’s sophisticated appliances requires special skills and constant training to keep abreast of changing technologies. The extra knowledge and skill makes our techs much more efficient and helps them diagnose and repair your appliances faster. Our technicians are able to translate your appliance’s symptoms into the root cause of your appliance’s problem.

The extra education pays off when you ask our technician’s opinion about a certain type of appliance or certain brand. It pays off when only one visit is required because your appliance was correctly diagnosed and repaired the first time. It pays off when we tell you it’s time to stop sinking money into an old appliance and purchase a new one.

Not only does The Appliance Care Company support continuing education for its technicians, it also invests in continuing education for office personnel. 

Recently, the office staff earned Certified Consumer Specialists titles by passing a comprehensive examination that tested skills in consumer relations, including communication skills, telephone skills, recordkeeping, telemarketing and consumer relations.

How does that help you?

It means we respect our customer’s time by making phone calls efficient and quick. It means we ask the correct probing questions so we capture information our technicians need to successfully diagnose your appliance.

The Appliance Care Company knows it’s not a fun experience when dealing with an appliance that is not functioning correctly. By striving to always learn and improve, we hope we provide service that makes a difficult situation as bearable as possible.

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