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Saturday, Dec. 31st 2016

Best Money Saving Appliance Habits


Making changes in your appliance use can save you some money. Here’s a few tips from The Appliance Care Company.

Good Water Heater Habits

Did you know that heating water accounts for over 15% of the energy used in your house? Save money by turning down the temperature of your water heater to 120°F. If you set it much higher, you’ll lose money over the winter when the cold air outside makes it harder than ever to keep the water warm.

  • Tip: Keep your hot water heater on when leaving town for the holidays, just turn the temperature down while you’re gone. It’d cost you more to let the water cool down completely and have to heat it up again than it does to leave it at a cooler temperature than normal.  

Good Laundry Habits

Since the majority of the energy your washing machine uses to do a load of laundry goes to heating the water, it pays to wash your clothes in cold water. If you use hot or warm water in a top-loading machine and electric water heater for a year, that’d equal using about 182 gallons of gas in a car. Cold water would equal only 8 gallons of gas for the year.

  • Tip: Be sure to clean out your dryer’s lint filter after each load and clean the venting system that runs from the dryer to the house at least once a year. Extra lint makes your dryer work harder (costing you more) and can cause the dryer fuse to burn out or even start a dryer fire. The Appliance Care Company has technicians certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America as Dryer Exhaust Technicians who can safely clean your venting system. Call 816-331-1515 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Good Kitchen Appliance Habits


There are three easy ways to save money when you run your dishwasher: Only run it when it’s full (saving 1,000 gallons of water/month); don’t use the heated dry setting, open it when they’re clean and let them air dry instead; just scrape the dishes clean before putting them in, no need to prewash them.


Your crockpot, pressure cooker, toaster oven or microwave should become your new best friends. They all use less wattage/energy than an oven or stove. They can cut your energy consumption by up to 50%. Also, keep the oven door shut when you’re cooking/baking – each time you open the door the temperature can drop by 25°. But once you’re done cooking and the oven is turned off, keep the door cracked open. The residual heat can help warm your home and save you money.


Keep your refrigerator in a room temperature environment year round and clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils once a year. This stops your refrigerator from having to work so hard, which in turn uses less energy.  Schedule a cleaning with The Appliance Care Company by calling 816-331-1515. You can also schedule an appointment online.

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