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Monday, Feb. 12th 2018

Seven Tips to Conserve Water

Water conservation is a huge part of saving money and energy around the home. Check out these tips for conserving water. 

  1. Low-Flow Shower Heads
    According to the EPA, standard shower heads use roughly four-and-a-half gallons of water a minute. That means for every ten-minute shower taken, 45 gallons of water are used. Installing a low-flow shower head is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to save thousands of gallons of water every year. Low-flow shower heads range from two and a half gallons a minute to one gallon of water a minute. This cuts your water consumption during a ten-minute shower down to 25 gallons or less, depending on the model you chose. Some of these shower heads can be rather expensive; however, low-flow shower heads are online for under $15.
  2. Faucet Aerators
    Faucet aerators introduce air into the water coming out of the faucet and reduce the flow of water. This reduces the amount of water used while the faucet is on and it also ensures that the water pressure is not compromised in doing this. Installing faucet aerators can reduce a faucet water usage from around two gallons a minute to one gallon or less a minute.
  3. Turn Off the Water
    Don’t let the water run while you are brushing your teeth or shaving. If you need to rinse your razor while shaving, fill the sink or a cup or bowl with water and use that instead of running water the whole time.
  4. Convert Toilets to Low-Flush
    You can easily convert your toilet to a low-flush toilet by using a water bottle filled with pebbles or sand to displace some of the water. Ensure the cap is screwed on to the water bottle tightly before placing it into the tank. It is also important to make sure the toilet still flushes correctly after the water bottle is in position. If more water is needed use a smaller water bottle.
  5. High Efficiency Washing Machines
    High efficiency washers use about half the amount of water a regular washing machine uses and (equally important) they clean clothes just as well as a regular washing machine.
  6. Run Dishwashers and Washing Machines with Full Loads
    Running the dishwasher with only a few plates in it or using the washing machine for only a few items of clothing is very wasteful. Wait until your dishwasher is full and wear your second favorite shirt while your laundry builds up a bit.
  7. Be a Greener Gardener
    Keeping your lawn and landscaping healthy will go a long way toward minimizing the need for frequent watering.

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