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A Difference of a Lifetime

Whether you drive a fully loaded, new car or one that has seen better days, we all know the importance of regularly servicing your vehicle. Oil changes, tire rotations, checking your fluids—we’ve been taught the importance of performing preventative maintenance...

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Sparkle and Shine

Today’s dishwasher detergents employee enzymes to clean your dishes. Here is the proper way to load and run your dishwasher so the enzymes clean your dishes until they shine. Keep Your Dishes Dirty When loading your dishwasher, your dishes should...

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Confessions of a Technician Podcast – Episode 2

Our latest podcast is up! In this episode of "Confessions of a Technician," Brien and Andy chat about The Total Appliance Protection Package (TAPP), washing machines with and without agitators, refrigerators in garages and the best appliance brands to buy. The...

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TAPP Plan Coverage

Yesterday, we announced the launch of our Total Appliance Protection Package (TAPP).  Today, we wanted to share a few more details about TAPP. Here are the appliances each plan covers: Essentials Plan  Refrigerator Clothes Washer Clothes Dryer Stove Free Standing...

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TACC Announces Warranty Protection Plan

The Appliance Care Company is proud to announce the launch of the Total Appliance Protection Package (TAPP). TAPP is a warranty plan that covers the repair or replacement of parts and components of selected appliances in your home. The Total...

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The Skills of a Master

For good reason, we brag a lot on our technicians, but we never get to show them in their element. So, when one of our Certified Master Appliance Technicians worked on the sealed system of a refrigerator in our store,...

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Dishwasher Pods vs Detergent

A few days ago, one of our customers asked us if she should use pods or detergent in her dishwasher. She wondered if there was an advantage to using either option. When it comes to dishwashers, both pods and detergent...

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Cleaning Your Front Load Washer Door

Last week, we told you how to clean your washing machine. Here's how to clean your front load washer door. Clean the door of your front load washer when you start to notice a crusty buildup. This happens over time....

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Cleaning Your Washing Machine

When it comes to cleaning washing machines, there are different rules for top loaders and front loaders. (Cleaning refers to the inside and outer tubs to prevent mold, mildew and a foul odor.)  For top loaders, mold, mildew and a...

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A Podcast Launch

The Appliance Care Company is proud to announce the launch of a podcast. Called "Confessions of a Technician," we hope our podcast will be entertaining and give you two or three useful nuggets you can use to help your appliances...

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